Tips for Purchase An Eyewash Station

Sep. 14, 2020

Eye washer is a kind of safety protection equipment, which is essential for petrochemical industry.  Eye washer is a kind of safety protection equipment, which is essential for petrochemical industry. If it is used in laboratory, you can buy an eye washer with only an eyewash station; if it is used in chemical factory, you can use an eye washer with both an eye washer and a spray system. Both the eyewash system and the shower system have the eyewash device, which is more convenient to use. Bohua eyewash manufacturer introduces to everyone the purchasing skills of eyewash.

Eyewash station is a safety protection product, you should be careful when choosing, pay attention to check the material used in the eyewash equipment, choose which type of eyewash equipment according to the use environment, the eyewasher should meet the technical requirements and the reliability of after-sales service .

When installing, there should be no obstacles around and the installation should be near the source of danger. If a danger occurs, the eyewash equipment can be reached as quickly as possible for flushing, thereby reducing the damage caused. The temperature of the water should be suitable so as not to cause more damage.


When chemicals or harmful substances are sprayed on the human body or eyes, an eyewash station can be used for washing. The washing time is about 15 minutes, the spray flushing water flow is greater than 75.7L/MIN, and the eyewash washing water flow is greater than 1.5L/MIN. Use water source Temperature: 16~38℃. There are so many eyewash station categories on the market, which often leave manufacturers unable to choose. When purchasing an eyewash station, pay attention to the quality of the eyewash station and the size of the water flow.

Some manufacturers' eyewash station products are of poor quality. They are shoddy and lower the price to attract customers at one time and promote more sales. This harms the interests of customers and their own brands. Therefore, when purchasing an eyewash station, you must choose carefully and carefully check the quality of the eyewash. Strictly check, if the quality of the eyewash station itself is not good enough, it will not only not reduce the harm to the person who uses it, but will cause another injury.

High-quality eyewash devices and materials must meet the standards. In terms of materials, 304 stainless steel, 301 stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. are generally used. Some parts must also be sprayed with ABS. Inferior materials will make the product substandard, and may also cause other injuries to people from the eyewasher itself.

The above information is provided by safety shower manufacturer.

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