Direct Factors Affecting the Market of Eyewash Station

Sep. 25, 2020

Statistics show that the demand for eye washers is good this year, and there is no bad situation, but at the same time, the cost has also increased. The market for eye washers depends on the power supply, business losses and the reasons for the elimination of backward policies.

If the power supply is tight and some areas are forced to cut power, it will definitely affect the eyewash station factories. If the cost increases and the price drops, the eyewash unit will suffer losses. The more eyewash stations produced, the more losses. As a result, the market for the eyewash station will become bad. But if the power supply is normal, the above situation will not occur. The cost of eyewash station is easy to rise but hard to fall.


The substantial increase in global crude steel production has of course increased the demand for iron ore. As long as the world's overall production of eyewash station does not decline, especially if Chinese eyewash station companies are still increasing their production, the price of eyewash station will not fall sharply. Moreover, the world's mining giants, which control 80% of the world’s iron ore resources and nearly 70% of the seaborne trade volume, dominate the price of iron ore. They can reduce production, control the shipping market, and adjust the pace of shipments. High-speed iron ore spot market prices.

The eyewash station is a safety protection product. When chemicals or harmful substances are sprayed on the human body or eyes, the eyewash station can be used for washing. The washing time is about 15 minutes, the spray washing water flow is greater than 75.7L/MIN, and the eyewash station washing water flow is greater than 1.5L/MIN, using water source temperature: 16~38℃. There are so many eyewash station categories on the market, which often leave manufacturers unable to choose. When purchasing an eyewash station, pay attention to the quality of the eyewash station and the size of the water flow.

Some manufacturers' eyewash station products are of poor quality. They are shoddy and lower the price to attract customers at one time and promote more sales. This harms the interests of customers and their own brands. Therefore, when purchasing an eyewash station, you must choose carefully and carefully check the quality of the eyewash station. Strictly check, if the quality of the eyewash station itself is not good enough, it will not only not reduce the harm to the person who uses it, but will cause another injury.

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